Selecting a corrector

I am trying to choose Liszeth as a corrector for my latest writing, but I can’t seem to select her name. When I click on the “choose corrector” link, only five names pop up from which to choose. I have the option of searching for her on the friends page, but when I find her profile, I cannot figure out how to select her as a corrector.

Can you help me?


Have you checked whether Liszeth has got “Send writing in Spanish (or whatever)” in her profile, underneath the picture?

If it is not shown, you won’t be able to choose her. (You could always ask her to change her settings and become a writing corrector…)

The other thought I had was that you may have been in the wrong language??? (I doubt that, though!)

Thank you! I contacted her on her wall to ask if she is taking writings. I believe I was in the correct language, but who knows!!

By the way, do you tutor in German?

I am not SanneT - but I would like to offer help as I correct German writings.

I tutor occasionally, but can’t offer any regular slots. I really should take myself off the list.

hape: How do you know your are not me??

I cannot be you, because you speak better English and French than I do. And there seem to be many other differences :wink: