Selecting a content item to study

We can sort content by the % of unknown words.

Do you use this feature?

What is your ideal percentage of unknown words?

Is it more important that the content be easy to understand, or that you are interested in the content, or what are your selection criteria?

For me the interest is priority one. So I choose at first without looking on the percentage.

When it is too difficult then, I delete it from Workdesk and do not work with longer.

I’m using a lot the percentage of words feature. For me, the “ideal” items are around 10-20% of unknown words. More than this is a little tiring, less is too easy, and I end up feeling they aren’t worth the creation of an item.
Another way I use that percentage is like this: sometimes I find some content that I think could be interesting, but when I import it to LingQ I find out it is too difficult. For example, it has 40% of unkown words. Unlike Irene, I don’t delete this item, I simply keep it without worrying about it for a while. What happens is that the initial percentage decreases while you study new items and increases your number of known words. So, there is one day when the percentage achieves my ideal of 20%, and then I go and read the item.
It can takes a considerable amount of time, but I don’t care. To me, it’s an interesting way of evaluating my progress, seeing that an item that was before too difficult to me suddenly becomes something I can handle comfortably.

When I want to study new material, I go to the storefront and check the recommended items. I assume that the tool knows which items are suitable to my level (probably due to the unknown words).

Sometimes an item can have a fairly low percentage of unkown words while the actual amount are over one hundred (it can take hours just to save LingQs) - and vice versa (e.g. 90% unknown words, but in a text introducing the alphabet and two animals for each letter :slight_smile: ).