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Hello, I’m really enjoying the Korean mini stories lesson called “LingQ Mini Stories level 1” found here: Login - LingQ

I was hoping to find more lessons, so I tried navigating to the library and searching for “LingQ Mini Stories”, but no results were found?

Since I know that “LingQ Mini Stories level 1” exists, I would think there should be at least one result?

Is there a trick to searching the library?

Also, does anyone have a link to “LingQ Mini Stories level 2 exists” (if it exists)?


For now we only have 5 Korean level 1 mini stories uploaded. This week I will upload 15 more stories to level 1 and hopefully first five level 2 stories.

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Great, thanks!

And I am wondering about the Russian mini stories. Are there only ten uploaded at this point?

Yes, 10 stories uploaded for now, and 10 more will be uploaded this week.

Thank you.

Ty? Xd