Searching by percentage of known words

Hello, I’m new here and I like this site. You do a great work.
I think it is difficult to find content that is adequate for my level. I think the percentage of known words is a good indicator if a content is useful for me. Also the number of new words is very interesting.
I think it is useful for searching or sorting the content by this attributes.
Sorry, my english is not very well, but I try to improve it :wink:

I remember we used to have this function in the past. Why is it removed?

Hi Lila,

Welcome to LingQ! I’m glad you’re enjoying it. You will start to get used to the Library and better at finding appropriate content. The New Words numbers are there to help you.

We used to be able to sort by New Words percentage but this required very heavy calculations which caused the site to be slow and wasn’t used very often so we removed it. We may reintroduce it at some point in a different form but this won’t be for a while, if at all.

Hello Mark, thank you for welcoming me. I’v seen that there are the numbers of New Words in the Library. It is useful.
I understand the problem of sorting and I hope you’ll find another solution that spend us benefit.
Thank you for great work.

I think it was a lot easier to find suitable material when we had the function. Now it’s a bit time-consuming to scan the pages for a “reasonable” amount of new words (although the percentage is also indicated there). Both pieces of information are useful.