'' Search by name '' doesn't work

I just tried to submit my writing and choose tutor. I wanted to have my writing corrected by Jillisa93. I just put the character “Jill” but Jillisa93 won’t show up so I couldn’t choose her as a tutor. Many other tutors showed up when I put some characters on " Search by name ". I mistakenly chose other tutor. Any advice?

I think Jillisa has let her activity score fall to 0 which removes her from the correctors list because it assumes she is inactive. I will remind her to create some LingQs and change her activity score. If you want to change your corrector, you can by simply clicking on the writing in your writing list and changing the corrector.

How can I change the tutor to Jillisa? I can switch to other tutors but Jillisa93 doesn’t show up.

Jillisa will only show up once she has increased her Activity Score from 0. I have sent her an email so I am sure she will do it some time today.

I got it. Thank you Mark.