Scrolling with Translations

Hello there!

I saw that there is no possibility to scroll down translations which are added to importet texts. When the translation is too long there is no chance for me to look it up completely. That makes it impossible for me to learn longer texts with appropriate translations.^^

I don’t know if this is a matter of every language, but at least it is that way when studying japanese. (Translations and notes, both have no scroll option available).

It would be nice to have this fixed soon, because I simply cannot use long translations otherwise.^^


Somehow I happen to have scroll bars from time to time, but I don’t exactly know why.^^

same happened to me with Japanese, but can’t remember what course it was, duh. Only half the translation could be seen, as there was no scroll bar.

@Junomaru, Julz611 - Thanks for reporting this. We have had reports of this one in the past but have had trouble reproducing it. If you refresh the page does it then scroll properly?

I haven’t deliberately noted that yet. I will be aware of this the next time it happens to check it out!^^

As an aside, the intermittent ‘missing’ scroll bar problem is not a phenomenon specific to lingQ - we encountered it last year in an aussie Uni course. As far as I know, tech support is still out on that one. I remember page refreshment didn’t fix it then.
I will take more notice next time for LingQ.