Scroll to see more on the Exchange doesn't work

“Scroll to see more” on the Exchange doesn’t work.
Windows 7.

It worked until last week. Now I scroll to the end and all I see is “Scroll to see more”, but nothing happens.

P.S. It seems not to work on the profile pages too

@VeraI - Yes, it seems to be not working properly. I have reported this issue to our developers. They will look into it. Thanks !

@VeraI - this issue should be fixed now. Please press Ctrl + F5 to refresh the page.

Now it doesn’t seem to be loading at all-- computers (such a love-hate relationship with them)

@mikebooks - hmmm… Have you tried to refresh the page (Ctrl +5)?

I tried both refreshing the page and signing out (to restart the process). Nothing worked. However, it is working now. All that Lingqing (for the 90 day challenge) is starting to pay off.