Script not working

Hi, I have a problem, every time I try to open eny of the lingq website I have this error coming:

Un script de esta página puede estar ocupado, o puede haber dejado de responder. Puede detener el script, o puede continuar para ver si el script finaliza.


Meaning: One script of this website is ocupated or is not responding, you can stop the script or try to continue.

I have no clue what is a script, but is really anoying to recive this notice every time I enter to any feature of lingq. Im using Ubuntu in my computer and Mozilla Firefox, but I have had not problems until today , I already try to clean the cache to see if is working but I am having stiil the same problem.

Can you help me?


@esko_yera - Hi! Sorry about that. I have reported this issue to our development team. They are looking into it now. Should I have more detail from you, I will let you know. Thanks!

I have a similar problem, but am using IE 11.
On the welcome page the boarder loads fine (avatar, word count, etc.) but the centre of the page remains blank and the page freezes. The same issue occurs in ‘in private’ mode. As you can see, the forum is fine.

The forum is fine, but it did seem to take a long time to acknowledge the post submission.

Seems to work fine in Firefox, but that’s not much help.
All other websites are working fine.

Sorry for this inconvenience guys. We are looking into it now. Hope to have it fixed soon. For me Chrome and IE11 don’t work, and Firefox works fine.

In my case Im using Firefox and I have a script problem every time I click samewhere in lingq.

I try with chrome and similar thing is happening, It takes longer than usual to entering each feature of lingq website.

@esko_yera - did you install any add-on recently?

Today is working perfectly :slight_smile: Thanks

@esko_yera - nice to hear :slight_smile: be sure to let us know if you run into this issue again. Happy learning! :slight_smile: