Score system?

How come my score goes down even if i do my daily study every day? Why? It really makes me upset and becomes counter productive. Margarita.

margarita - The activity score shows your monthly activity. It does not just keep going up. It reflects how active you have been over the last 30 days. To see stats that keep going up, look at your Progress Snapshot on the Profile page. Change the period to All Time and you will be able to see all of your activities since you started.

Do you mean activity score? Don’t worry about it so much, it is only a relative indicator which shows your activity in the last 30 days. If you need a lot of scores you can actually take a long and complicated text from the library, look it through and click on “I know All”. Next day you’ll have a lot of scores- would the way like this really improve your knowledge?

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“I know all” has no effect on the activity score.
The activity score is:
1 point per Created LingQ

  • 1 point per Learned LingQ
  • 60 points per 15 minutes of conversation on LingQ
  • 1 point for each word submitted in a writing

Manuell adds to these counters don’t influence the activity score.

Okey, then one can do a lot of activity score lingQing mindlessly, but this way won’t be productive for margarita.

There are many productive activities at LingQ. LingQ is one of the most productive and is a fairly reliable indicator of the reading that one does, and if one listens to the content as well as reading, which we recommend, it also is an indication of listening time, something that the system cannot otherwise keep track of.

Conversation and writing are examples of output.

So the AI tracks both output and input.

I would, actually, like to see a separate score just for LingQs, per month and total.

Margarita, you have a number of indicators to use to keep you studying. The AI only measure the activity for a specific monthly period. However, the goals and the activities that are tracked in your Profile should be at least as important.

Junair, I doubt that many people just “LingQ mindlessly”. Margarita

Of course not, I even think most members learn completely mindfully. I imagined activity score could be done mindlessly.

“activity score could be done mindlessly”

Possibly, but I haven’t managed it yet. There was a time when I created LingQs by the hundred while watching Harry Hill’s TV burp with my kids. That gave me a respectable, but not ridiculously high, LingQ activity score. A month or so later, I decided I had far too many lIngQs at status 1, and couldn’t possibly learn them all, so I deleted them by the hundred. Now, a month or so after that, I am finding I am having to create those lingQs all over again. Words that I thought I would never get round to learning, I am already getting round to learning.

You could lingQ non-words, or change words that you haven’t learned to status 4. But as long as you are following the rules you find that you learn, whether you try to or not. :wink:

Helen, why worry about status 1 words. I run into them again and again in my reading,click on the little yellow critters, and eventually learn them. When I feel like it I go into the Vocab section and move a whole bunch of them to status 4 manually. LingQ and LingQ lots and don’t feel obligated to learn them all deliberately. They will gradually crawl into your brain, without you noticing.

I have a question. If learning words, lingqing, submitting writings, and doing conversations increases your activity score, why doesn’t the reading and listening portions also add to ones activity score? If these two add most to the learning of languages, why not have them also add to the score, too?

Nick, because they cannot be calculated automatically. We would have to rely on everyone being honest…now I know that you and I are…

Ah ok. I see what you mean. Just curious.