"Scienza in poche parole" [Science in a few words] in Italian

I’m pretty fired up this week about Italian content, and this is a follow up on a previous thread I created on this forum, announcing my new collection “Punti di Vista” ( "Punti Di Vista" [Points Of View] In Italian! - Language ... )

Now I’m delighted to announce that I added to our Italian library a new collection, “Scienza in poche parole” [Science in a few words] , which largely corresponds to what Albert from Barcelona did in Spanish

Each lesson has a faster and a slower version, so this collection is especially suited to beginners, but even intermediates can greatly benefit from it. I’ve just uploaded a bunch of lessons (14). More are to come soon.

As always I beg you to ask questions if something is unclear, and I’ll add notes to the lessons to make my explanations viewable by anyone regardless of the forum’s fast pace of update.

And now here is the link to the collection (I put it at the bottom to create hype, eheheh)

Enjoy like you never have before!

PS: I’ve reached the number of 60 lessons of my own creation (at the moment I write it still shows 46). Congratulations to myself and to Albert who is my guru [uncork a champagne bottle!]


Thank you for all your hard work in creating content. Now that we have the site back in normal condition I am downloading your latest creations.