Science Saved My Soul

An interesting youtube video! - Science Saved My Soul. - YouTube

Very good, indeed.

Good find. Invigorating start to a Monday : )

It is still pretty awesome on a Tuesday evening.

Interesting video, although I always have to grind my teeth at such false notions of Science vs. Religion. Science and Religion are not incompatible or exclusively seperate from one another. Science and Religion can and do exist together, and things that are proved by Science do not prove or disprove Religious beliefs. I think the fact that some of the most renown Scientists of both past and present being Religious is a true testament to this fact.

Having said that though, I’m in no way a Religious man. However I try my best to be a logical one. And when Science-loving types fall into illogical concepts I find it even more frustrating than when Religious types preach contradictions, because whereas contradictions are a part of faith, false propositions and conclusions should never be a part of Science.

Nicely put, der wanderer.

Although lots of particular religious/supernatural/superstitious beliefs have been categorically disproved through scientific investigation.

Religion can make claims about reality that science can test… and disprove. Thus the claims made by religions have shrunk over the centuries.
The scientist of the past largely held their religious beliefs through incomplete knowledge of the world (naturally, we didn’t know as much then as we do now, so certain things were unexplained at that time).
Modern scientist who hold religious beliefs have in general not arrived at their beliefs through the same reasoning and rationale that they apply to their science, and so their opinion on the validity of religion is as irrelevant as their opinion on architecture, flambe cooking, or any other area outside of their scientific field.

Der Wanderer:

“…because whereas contradictions are a part of faith, false propositions and conclusions should never be a part of Science.”


science is the contest of competing theories with the experiment being the ultimate judge. Newton, one of the greatest scientists of all time, was partly wrong, albeit not to the point that his theories became useless. However there were errors in his theory that the great Einstein corrected. Scientists never claim to be absolutely right about something, they only thing they say is that their theory is in agreement/disagreement with the current body of experimental data. The debate between proponents of competing theories is quite a healthy and helpful process, so false propositions are an integral part of science!

@ maths:

couldn’t have expressed it better myself. Only one thing I’d like to add: just because some scientists used religious language in some of their famous quotes doesn’t mean they were believers. Newton was probably religious, Einstein was certainly not.

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