Scheduled Downtime

Any guesses what we’re going to get?

Yeah - there’s going to be a special 18+ no-holds-barred section to the forum called “the cage”.


A new API call to import/create lessons??? Then someone (me) can write an eBook importer?

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I’m guessing some adjustments to the exchange section.

You will soon find out. An app to import whole ebooks would be a great idea for me as well, but won’t happen this time. Keep the ideas coming.

Mark and his gang are mostly focused on how to get more people to understand what to do, and to enjoy the experience on LingQ.

We are committed to continuing to improve the system and are open to new ideas, both for power users and newbies.

When it comes to importing stuff, I have a suggestion. I recently imported an entire German thread on the forum here using the bookmarklet. The format of the lesson that was made was terrible, although still easily readable. It would be great if there was an ‘import’ button at the top, or bottom, of each thread on the forum where well formatted lessons are created from the entire thread,

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Interesting idea Colin. I think it would be neat to have the ability to import a thread from our Forum, although we can copy and paste individual comments now.

We could even have a “learners’ and tutors’ chat” thread in German, or Russian or whatever language, and tutors could correct people’s posts as we go. Participants could agree to contribute some points to the tutors if needed. Tutors would have to be granted editing rights for posts created by participating learners so that the whole thread would be in native like language.

Granted some of this can be achieved now by copying and pasting individual comments, and by learners editing their own comments after correction, but having it streamlined might be better.