Saving words now failing [words showing as blue but are really yellow] [WORK AROUND FOUND]

I see my Android app updated itself today. Now I am experiencing odd behaviour when trying to add lingqs:

  1. Several words are showing as blue, but clicking on them reveals they are already known at various levels of 1-4.
  2. When I click the ‘X’ on these words, it just keeps adding more definitions instead of closing (this may be normal, but I don’t remember it happening before). Regardless, I cannot get these words’ addition recognized by the lesson (though they are by vocabulary), so they stay stuck at blue.
  3. These ‘blue-but-actually-yellow’ cause issues paginating, even though I have ‘paging moves to known’ disabled.
  4. Now the lessons show as incomplete, even though I did complete them (it seems at some point the lesson routine unsynced itself from vocab - with words initially added near the start of the lesson reverting to blue when encountered later and now prevented from registering as added - despite being in my vocabulary).

This has affected my German and French courses so far today.

I was able to continue on by adding misbehaving words during the pagination check.


Thanks for reporting, we will look into this.

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