Saving a part of a word

Often I want to save a part from a word, the verb in his infinitve.
I can do this so that I hichlight only this part.
Example: from “accumulates” I highlight only “accumulate” or from “haunted” I highlight only “haunt”.

But when I do this, this part is not to see in yellow.

Would that be possible?

That may be the same problem as with the Chinese LingQ (possibly Japanese too), where entire sentences are usually written without spaces at all. So, I suppose a word (or part of) has to have spaces before and after (or at least a hyphen, “-”) in order to be displayed as yellow.

thanks jeff, that can be the cause, I understand.

It is possible, but there is a cost to do that.

The developers are really engaged with this system ! I hope they are watching what you are asking. :stuck_out_tongue: