Save lesson : "500 - Server error"

Hi admin,
I was almost done importing NCLRC webcasts but I can’t finish because I now have a “500 - Server error” when I want to save the lesson.
My connection has been a bit slow lately so I don’t know if the problem is on your side or mine.
Do you have an idea?

Look here:

Oh thanks
my file names are fine, but it must indeed be a problem of bitrate, which is different for the 2 new files I was trying to import. It’s getting more complicated…

… because I managed to change the rate to 64, but I can’t change the frequency. Whatever I try, it is not taken into account and remains 32 kHz (I use Audacity). Help!

Forget it, I’ve found out the solution.

Can you post the solution? Maybe others are interested in the solution :slight_smile:

Actually only two steps are needed:
1- change the frequency at the bottom left corner of Audacity
2- click on Project → Quick Mix