Saturday morning English slots

I’ve had a request for some Saturday morning slots. I could do some one-on-ones or group conversations between 9:30 and 10:30 GMT on Saturdays, if you would like one please post on this forum or write me an e-mail to arrange it.

I need a couple of days’ notice ideally. Our household is usually in utter chaos on a Saturday morning so I don’t often have the computer on!

hi Helen,
I , want to improve my language skill , how it possible ?from where i have to start? if there is any starting point p/ce let me known;
i use google talk, since Skype site is blocked,
i hope see you responce soon


Sorry I’ve only just noticed your post! Welcome to LingQ!

Why is Skype blocked for you?

You can download materials from the library, and practise your reading and listening skills and learn new vocabulary. You can also submit writing for correction by a tutor.

Good luck with your language learning,


Im a new member!
i would like to guide me, how could sign up for the conversation events!
when i click on sign up, a msg shows up, that i can’t join because i don’t have enough points.
from where i should gather points!
i’ll be thankful if u help me


You click on “buy points” at the top right of this screen. It cost 500 points for a 15 minute one-on-one with a tutor, or to take part in a group conversation.

It is cheaper to buy points if you upgrade to the Basic membership.

Looking forward to talking to you! Helen.