Saturday Conversation Group

Marianne and Atsuko are members of a group that meets on Saturdays at 13:00 GMT. We have room for two more people. The members will take turns choosing a topic for discussion and a short speech. Then Julie will present a related topic at the time of the conversation for a short, untimed impromptu speech. If this sounds like a format you would enjoy, and if you can meet at this time each week, please find the group under the Speak tab and join us!

This is a format I would definitely enjoy, but this time…
Do I have any chance to see something like this on mondays, tuesdays or thurdays, around 9 pm, gmt-3 ?
Other possibility would be tuesdays or thursdays at 4pm, gmt-3, but at this time I couldn’t assure I’ll be able to attend to the event every week.