"Salutare et valedicere": "Greetings and goodbyes" available in Latin!

I thought it would be better to record this series myself without wating ages until I find a female partner. When I find one, I may make another recording.

This is the link to the whole collection: http://tiny.cc/6buo2. I have added the English translation and may add more later.

Your feed-back is more than welcome this time, since this is my first translated material.

Optime fecisti, Michele :slight_smile:

This looks great! Thanks for all your hard work Michele, I’ve been wanting to get back into learning Latin for a while.

Glad you like it!

I have just received my new microphone (the one suggested by Berta in the thread about the quality of Dutch recordings) and it’s great! So, I have started re-recording some series, and the first was “Salutare et valedicere”! So, you can now enjoy a higher-quality recording. If you like it, feel free to reward the provider… :wink: