Safari Extenstion Login

When I download the LingQ Safari extension, it asks me to log in, however I normally connect to LingQ using my Gmail account, but it doesn’t work with the extension, what am I doing wrong?

What happens when you try to login? Do you see any error message?

It just says “Login unsuccessful. Please check” but then it doesn’t say anything after that. I tried entering the same login details that I use for the app and the community forum, which I access using my Gmail account, but the extension doesn’t recognise it.

Here is a different screenshot where I’m using my email address to attempt to log in, rater than my username.

You actually need to login with LingQ username and LingQ password, but at the moment you don’t have a password set on your LingQ account. Gmail password won’t work. Can you login to your account on the website version of LingQ and set a password on the Account Settings page?