Russian text-to-speech not working

Hello, my text-to-speech isn’t working for Russian. I have tried to turn it off and later turn it on in a different lesson, but it hasn’t been working for a few days and frankly I read incredibly slowly without it lol. I checked and it does work in Spanish, so I think it’s just something to do with Russian.

Hi parkerhays,
I checked and it works fine for me on Google Chrome. Which browser are you using?

Hey thanks for the response Zoran. I am using Google Chrome as well.

Hmm, that’s strange. I checked again and it works normally for me. Which device and operating system are you using?

French isn’t working too. I’m using win7 , Google Chrome.

Hi Josem22,
Are you using new or classic lesson reader on LingQ?

New version

Hi Josem22,
Can you please try another browser and let us know if it works? In that case we will know that issue is related to Chrome on win7 only. Thanks!

I’ve just tested , and today is working fine.

That’s good to hear. Let us know if you experience the same issue again.