Russian podcast

I’m not sure if this podcast has already been mentioned and linked to. If so, I’m sorry. By the way, is there a place on this site where we can post links like that for the various languages? Or does anybody have an idea what we could do to avoid that we keep posting the same information? Personally, I don’t mind because it is always useful to be reminded of good sources I might have come across before but forgotten about.

Anyway, here is the link:

The producer and author of this podcast is a young Russian lady. You can even download pdf files. It is completely in Russian. The pdf files also include vocabulary lists with translations into English.

I think this young lady is doing a wonderful job and all learners of Russian a great favour. I forgot to mention that it is completely free, at least it was when I last visited the site.

Yes, this series is great, I think there’s several in the library here, with the full transcript (including her explanations which are not on the pdf’s on here site).

There’s this series too, audio and transcript. I’ve found it too be good intermediate content, not only about “everyday situations”.

Are you actively studying Russian at the moment lovelanguages3rd ?

ad maths: I think the Russian lady now offers some of her explanations as pdf files too.

Thanks for your link.

(…) Are you actively studying Russian at the moment lovelanguages3rd ? (…)

Well, not actively in the sense of going through my grammar books and/or my text books. But I listen to Russian podcasts (like the one above, Russian podcasts from BBC etc.) and I read a book about Putin in Russian.

I don’t have a fixed schedule though. As for my level in Russian, I’m maybe somwhere around B1 - B2 in Russian. And I’m happy with what I’ve achieved so far. Currently, I’m concentrating on other languages, such as MSA, Turkish and Hebrew.

Ah, that’s what I meant I think, yea not grammar books but still “keeping your hand in” with reading / listening.

4 languages at a time, I don’t know how you do it : )

Agreed! I think four languages at a time would overload my senses!

Not sure if this has been mentioned either, but I’ve learned a ton from it since just starting Russian recently.
It’s for beginners so maybe too easy for some of you. I found it in i-tunes first actually.