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Hello all,
I would like to know if any one could name me some Russian music/song, that could help me with my Russian. I am looking for new modern day music bands, singer. As well as old classic.

Thank you.

Kino and Viktor Tsoi. One of the first mainstream rock bands of the USSR to have a western influence.

The Russian popmusic was in blossom in the 1970-1980s. There were a lot of groups and singers, like: ВИА “Самоцветы”, Земляне, Пламя, Верасы, Ариэль, Виктор Цой и его группа “Кино”, Алла Пугачева, Валерий Леонтьев, Иосиф Кобзон, Агузарова, Йолла, Вески, Расторгуев, Владимир Высоцкий, Ким, Булат Окуджава. I believe you can find many of them at YouTube.
Last 20 years there is a certain stagnation in Russian pop and rock music in my opinion, but maybe some younger Lingqers can give you some new names.
What about the old russian songs, I shared 25 Russian volk songs here in, you can find them ibn the collection: РУССКИЕ НАРОДНЫЕ ПЕСНИ И РОМАНСЫ.


How old are you? Maybe you would like what teenagers listen to…
Noize MC is a rapper. His songs for example which I like: (very good song) (also very good song)
His popular songs
He also has some English songs.

Lumen sings rock and (songs composed by a singer poet, ballad songs - English doesn’t have this word I need бардовские песни)

Also there are other singers I don’t usually listen but you might like
Ленинград (don’t listen this band if you don’t want to listen songs with a lot of Russian foul language - матершивные слов)
Ёлка (I think her songs are not bad)
Sorry I can’t remember other singers because I rarely listen to their songs. I’ll add them later


Also Кино or Виктор Цой as CannIK84 said
These songs are popular and I also like to listen to them. And when we gather together with my friends near a campfire we sing them to a guitar.

Киркорова забыли

If you are interested in rock music, you should definitely check out the famous “classic rock bands” like Кино (Группа крови, Звезда по имени Солнце), Машина времени (Поворот, Костёр), ДДТ (Родина, Что такое осень [some songs of ДДТ are quite hard to understand if you are a beginner]), Аквариум (Город золотой) or Nautilus Pompilius (Последнее письмо, Я хочу быть с тобой).

Ну и, конечно, София Ротару.


Тимати (Russians except young girls don’t like his songs and his person but he is popular)
Макс Корж (a lot of girls love him)
Митя Фомин
Ляпис Трубецкой (his songs are specific, so you might like his songs or don’t like but some teenagers listen to him. I think his clips will explain you why.)
I think that’s enough

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Yes. All your songs are classical.

Hi, Yevgeny! =)))

Looks like we completely forgot Muslim Magomayev! =))) Apart from his immaculate Russian, Magomayev being a native Azerbajanian, it is worth while from the musical point of view! =)))

Long-term training in the Italian La Scala can not be just something that is hardly notiecable! =))))))

Thank you for choices, they were very helpful… Do you know of any Russian poets.

Thank you.

Nice find. I’ll enjoy listening to these songs a little at a time.

Do you mean some great Russian poets or only the poets who wrote texts for songs?
We have a lot of grteat poets: A.Pushkin, M. Lermontov, F. Tutschev, A. Fet, B. Pasternak, A. Blok, C. Yesenin. The poems of some of them you can find in my collections here: Мой Пушкин, С. Есенин, Лучшие русские стихи.
From the modern poets who wrote the texts for songs I can mention I. Reznik, V. Haritonov, L. Derbenjov. BTW, I also wrone someting for songs. If my composer agree, I can share something from our songs.
However, the latest time many composers write themselves the texts for their songs.

thank you! nice songs, they are going directly to my lingq imports

Here’s a list of artists I’ve found in Russian that I like. Depending on what you like in English, it could be incredibly hard to find good music in Russian - most of the popular stuff today seems to be stereotypical Europop. This mostly in alphabetical order, some favorites my iTunes and VK account.

Alai Oli


Аквариум - Kind of like the Russian Dylan

Белая Гвардия



Владимир Высоцкий

ДДТ - I LOVE this group - you might compare it to Springsteen - love this one for the Russian folk chorus in the background near the end.

Земфира - popular female singer. She’s not bad, has somewhat of a cult following.

Машина Времени - Russian Beatles. Plus this song, which was the first I found.

Мумий Тролль - very modern. this guy is just basic quality pop.

Ночные Снайперы - a bit Indie

Ольга Арефьева - great folk singer, gorgeous lyrics, trained in opera. Got to see her a few months ago, was really excited - and there were only 100 or so people in the auditorium. Strange.

Пикник - get to see them in March!!

Пилот -starts one minute in, great song!!

Пятница / 5’nizza - Reggae

Сергей Бабкин - he played live in a fantastic film, “день радио”


Чайф - this might be heresy for some Russians, but I like the movie version of the first song better than the original - check out the film стиляги!

Несчастный Случай

Евгений Маргулис - this song is hilarious, especially if you’re upset at someone named Tanya. You have to check out the lyrics.


Сектор Газа

Sorry, I may have gotten a bit carried away here. Hope you find something you like!

I will listen to all of them, спасибо.

a Slavic song; - YouTube

But it is not a Russian song.
PS. I understand nothing, maybe I can guess some words.