Russian made Easy

Hi ! =))

I’m sorry for a delayed reply, unfortunately you are right, they nearly do not exist, the professional grammar lessons/courses of Russian on the Internet, as they are only after money in this country these days, the less professional the instructor is, the more money they ususally require! =)))

I think I have an example of really serious grammar lessons, but unfortunately I will be able to just provide a sort of sample to have an idea of the professionalism level of their approach to Russian grammar…

And, yes, saying "professional’ I do NOT imply it’s smth like purely theoretical; no, the opposite is right, it’s very much practical course of grammar! =))) I’ll find a link for the videos, and post it here! =))


no problem =).
Yes, I do know that. I have download some audiobooks, e-books ect.

Thanks for everything ! =D