Russian LingQs

I’ve been doing a bit more Russian recently. Although I am sure there are others who create comprehensive LingQs, I think in particular of Helen skyblueteapot and Reinhard alleray whenever I come across an extensive Hint, with relevant grammatical info. Thank you so much, whoever you are! I know I can trust your pioneering work.

It’s the same with the Scouts. You pay for your kid to join, you buy him a uniform and then you realise you are on a rota for baking cakes and going to scout camp.

@ hape: I’ll be on the lookout for really good German-French hints. Each find will be marked by a moment’s thinking of you.


so now you can have a righteous justification for downloading free text and audio from a free file hosting service (and perhaps processing words on a program that is largely a clone of LingQ)

I can’t speak for dooo, but in my case it was very gentle humour. (And yes, I did see your smiley. I thought my message didn’t need one.)

hape, I am sorry that you left and glad to see you back here.

We have been trying to respond to some of the issues that bothered you at LingQ, including the difficulty of finding tutors at times convenient to you. We have changed the process of connecting with tutors, made them more visible, and have enabled learners to request times that are convenient to them. Later this week or early next week you will see more developments that respond to some of your regular concerns, and those of others.

We cannot possibly satisfy every request nor please everyone, but we do listen.

I hope you return to the community as the active member you were, and perhaps even restore the great content that you once provided to the Library. But that is of course your choice.


I did not feel the :slight_smile: in the tone of your post, especially taken in context of your recent posts and recent moves in relation to LingQ. Maybe you were on some German humour wavelength that goes over my head.

My reply was not supposed to be humourous.

I don’t think you have any reason to expect anything else.

Sorry, I forgot the “:-)”

But seriously, you have to ask? I note that you have edited your original post so I see that you have some idea of what I am talking about.

I value all members of our community, including and maybe even especially the acerbic dooo and the hyper-critical hape. I do not mind a few sparks on the forum, as long we all remain civil, and our barbs are sharp but discreet, which is certainly the case here.

“…sharp but discreet”

Now just what the $%&£ is that supposed to mean, huh?

Are you saying it’s okay to knife people in the liver as long as it’s done in a delicate and pinkified way?

Why, you dirty low down skunk! If I had a cyber-shotgun, I’d blast your avatar’s brains out and feed them to my pet dog!!

Oh yeah! :smiley: (a crazed Joker smile)

I think poisoned umbrellas are acceptable.

You mean like Alexander Litvinenko?


Should we settle for sharpened umbrellas?

According to the film, “Batman the Dark Knight”, a sharpened pencil can sometimes be enough to do the job!


(Another crazed Joker smile!)

So it seems that the pen(cil) is indeed as mighty as the sword? Are we aiming for more or fewer (or more or less) cutting words here?.