Russian Echo Moskvi query, and a question for Steve :)

Hey guys!

I have 2 random questions. I have had a look at the Russian news site that Steve talks about, Echo Moskvi, and I can’t seem to find where there is audio with a transcript. I remember ages ago coming across the feed which had both options, but now I can’t find it, could anyone help me?

Secondly, I had a random video request for Steve! You obviously have a passion for culture and cooking, and I was curious what your thoughts were on food from other countries are! (in particular the countries linked to the languages you speak). Which did you like the most, etc etc

Many thanks!

Many of Echo Moskvi’s interview programs have audio and transcripts

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I remember Steve was doing the cooking when his wife was having her foot operated on. And he really got into it. I wonder if he kept up with that at all. The foods linked to languages learned/experiences is an entertaining idea.

Go the site at Most of the interviews that show up on any given day will have the options to listen to read and to download. слушать, читать, or скачать. You want to use читать and скачать. You copy the text that you find under читать and when you open the file in скачать, you need to Save Link As to get the audio file. I open these in iTunes and download them to my iPod or iPhone. The texts can be imported into LingQ if you want.

My wife prefers me to clean up after she does the dinner.

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LOL. Nice. Thanks for update. Gives you more productive listening time anyway, I imagine.