Russian and/or Ukrainian (without forgetting Belorussian)?

Hi Ernie,
thank you for your helpful contribution. I will let you know about my progress. I should actually resume updating my blog ( and write such posts there.
The reason why I didn’t mention Russian science fiction is that I don’t really like it. My dad only read science-fiction until about 10 years ago, but sadly he’s not into languages (well, nobody is, in my family…).

Michele, you’re welcome. Thanks for the blog link. I’ll make sure to visit often. I’d “follow” it, but it looks like the following is just for facebook users, which I’m not.

I was, actually, just kidding about the science fiction. I realize most people think it’s at best rather juvenile/jejune (which it is), but I enjoy it. Nevertheless you may find this of some interest , which is in French . It is not so much Russian as Eastern European, and they lately have discussed or interviewed several Ukrainian authors, and a Belarusian as well.

Too bad your family does not share your interest in languages! My family is the same way, although for me of course natural languages are just a hobby. This is definitely one of the reasons that it’s nice that the Internet came along.

Apropos science fiction, I can remember asking one of my early German teachers how they translated “beam down” in the German version of Star Trek. She wasn’t entirely sure, but thought it was probably “runterbeamen” (as in “beam uns runter, Scotty!”)

Beam us down - surely a concept one needs to grasp from day one? (Well, in space at least! :-D)


I’m pretty sure Star Trek was very poorly marketed in Europe, or just not well accepted. Everytime I try to make a reference with a non english-speaking friend, they have no idea what I am talking about. This is a shame since most of my personal ethic is based on a childhood of TNG episodes on loop…

I did watch a couple season of French dubbed TNG. I can tell it never really got seen since some scenes are dubbed, some aren’t, all in a single episode !


I can remember seeing some dubbed episodes of Star Trek on German TV. But to be honest I wasn’t massively into that kind of thing. (I used to prefer to watch Krimis - some of the German-original ones were pretty good.)

I’m just trying to search my brain for what they actually did use for “beam up” and “beam down” in the dubbed version…? Hmm…I think it probably was “beam uns auf, Scotty” und “beam uns runter, Scotty”…but I really can’t remember exactly…?

Please guys, get back on topic, or open a new thread about sci-fi. :slight_smile:

Okay Mike :slight_smile:

(But I thought the actual topic was dealt with - i.e. I thought you had decided to kick off with russki yizik? :-D)

Well, yes, but that’s no reason to go off-topic, in my opinion… :slight_smile: And we could still keep writing about those languages.