Rubem Alves and other Portuguese content and blogs

There are a lot of great blogs out there. I mentioned a blog called Rubem Alves | Blog não oficial. Ana-Paulo suggested contact the site, but I wrote to Rubem Alves directly to ask if he would let us put up some of his recordings here as a Rubem Alves corner with reference and links to his site. He has not answered.

I think it might make sense, Ana-Paula for you to contact the nao oficial site and ask if you can record some of their content.

I found a great site for Spanish audiobooks called learning to learn languages.

I have written an email to the person who runs the site and await an answer from her. Meanwhile I am sure that individuals can import sound and text from that site for their own use.

What is really exciting to me about the Alves content is that it is not intended for language learners. It is content for Portuguese speakers, and texts are available on the web. The audio books are very well narrated. This is also the case with the Celso Antunes audio book that I bought.

Are there are other resources out there? Are there sites we should advise our members about for different languages? They need not be “learner sites.” If we can add their sound and text to LingQ, so much the better. If not people can still go there and import for their own use.

I feel that with LingQ it is possible to get to “authentic content” sooner. so let’s not limit ourselves to “learner” blogs or podcasts.

HI, Steve.
I made the contact, (Sobre o blog | Rubem Alves | Blog não oficial), let’s wait to see what happens.
In this site ( you have a rank of Brazilian blogs, can be useful for the adventurous ones.
For those who like music and radio shaped programs, this site ( have a lot of free mp3 files for download. I particularly like a program called “Aplauso”. Each episode is made up of a Brazilian singer interview mixed with its music.
This site: has a wide variety of Brazilian podcasts. The one called “Achados e Perdidos” for example has short funny stories occurred in different hotels around the country. The guy who makes this podcast is great!
In my opinion, the problem with “not-for-learners” audio material like these is the absence of transcripts, so they are most suited for really advanced learners. With written material, it’s less difficult to find some native speaker to read it, but if the original material is in audio format, I don’t think there are so many natives feeling like transcribing them…

Last, but not least, this newspaper has a great collection of interesting and well done blogs and podcasts in a lot of different issues.

By the way I went to folha and found this blog.

I left a comment (with at least one glaring mistake). I need to comment on leading blogs in the hope that one of these bloggers will notice us and talk about us.

Just pay attention that the Folha makes a lot of marketing of a (seemingly large) on-line English course… maybe this could prevent them from commenting on other on-line language systems…