Roses for forum posts

I guess that no roses are awarded for forum posts. There is a notification in the post and on the wall, but no roses are given.
If you look on Login - LingQ you see that this member got a lot of feedback for forum posts and got no roses at all.

Also I’ve seen that I got roses for some posts but the number of my roses hasn’t increased.

I know it is a minor problem on my side :wink: but I would love to see that djvlbass got some roses too.


@VeraI - Nice catch; we will look at getting this fixed.

I have found notifications in my profile saying: XXX just liked your comment on the forum …
Does that mean someone clicked on the rose next to my post?

Oh I wondered about this! Yes, I think right now the only way to give someone a rose is to go to their profile and do it there.

Maybe until this is fixed, we should all put our home addresses on our profile pages so we can send roses manually.

Start us off Colin. Tell us what you end up getting instead of roses