Rose with private text

Hi Alex!
I have sent a rose and a private text to" serge "and one to “miss take”

there are not arrived!

:frowning: jolanda

Try giving them another rose and see if it works the second time. It should be added right away and you should see a notification at the top right when you click “Confirm”.


how can I know if the private text is arrived or not?
I can see it on my wall. but Serge can not find them.

from “miss take” I dont know,because we have not spoken today.

if I must ask all my friends if the post is arrived,I will be all the time on the Phone!!! :wink:

I can only send 1 rose for the same lesson! so I can not send them again.


Ah, they were given through a lesson. This means that you would have had to share the lesson on your wall. We don’t yet have notifications for the owners of the lessons, but this is something we are looking into adding as we want to make sure lesson providers receive recognition from users who like their lessons. :slight_smile:


The rose is only one issue.
But the more import thing is the comment to the lesson. the feedback! As a provider we need the feedback not only some anonymity roses!

Certainly, we’ll keep this in mind as well as we look for ways to enhance the rose functionality!


I hope so!!! I’m not the only one! but maybe I’m the only one how open my mouth!

do you know that I must refresh the page before I can send a rose?

do other user know this?

please can you explain ,how to find the" ask your tutor "directly to the page that I’m study.
I know there is a direct link,but I can not find them!

The “Ask your Tutor” link is now in the yellow widget. Just click on a yellow word then select the “Ask Your Tutor” tab on the right. Since most questions are related to a term or a phrase rather than a lesson itself, it made more sense to associate this with LingQs.

Thanks for the tip!!

I admire you all, who understand the new LingQ version and can use them.



In the last days I have sent a lot of roses to the provider from French Lessons.
When I have a look to their profile there have not received my roses!


Jolanda, until the roses situation for lessons is sorted out, the only way the French lesson providers will see your roses is if they look at your wall. I saw tons there! Perhaps one day it will be possible to click on the roses relating to a lesson in the library and see the comments there. Not only the comments but exactly who thought the lesson deserved a rose. Not just visible to the provider but visible to anyone interested in that particular lesson :slight_smile:

@Jolanda - When you share a lesson and give it a rose there is no notification on their profile page. It will appear as shared on your profile page and they will get a rose added to their rose total. We are looking at ways of improving these notifications but at the moment it is working properly. If you give a member a rose on their profile, they should get a notification on their wall. Were you having this problem after giving a rose to a lesson or after giving a rose to another member on their profile page?

I think I gave to MissTake maybe for more than 30 lessons a rose. If I go to here profile I see only 10/4

The same for Serge! I gave him for ALL the lessons that I study a rose! and I have studied a lot! I see only 18/6.

I gave it on the lesson page and I can see on the lesson there are one more.


yeah there were really tons of roses! but nobody put them in the water, so there are died now.


jolanda, have you considered the possibility that providers with a lot of lessons may not want to receive lots of notifications that all say “thank you” “good lesson” “I liked this” etc.

@lessons provider

Sorry! I understood the giving of roses totally wrong!

I understood,if I give a rose to a lesson ,the lesson will be more popular!= a lesson how was taken from 100 members, with 100 roses must be a popular lesson.

I see I am total wrong!
I will stop to send roses and also stop to send comments to the lessons!

Usually I was sending the comment private.If I send them on the wall,the provider answered me.
If I was sending the comment with the rose directly to the lesson,the provider never answered!

So giving roses and sending comments is loosing time!
You know I hate writing!!!

Again sorry!
I will stop to disturb!

@jolanda - No, you should share lessons…! You are right. It does help other users identify good lessons since sharing a lesson also gives that rose a lesson. Every time a lesson is shared and gets a rose it goes to the top of the Recommended Lessons list on the Learn page. And, the Library is sorted by roses by default so the lessons with the most roses appear at the top.

When you share a lesson, the lesson is shared on your wall and a rose is added to it. However, the content provider does not receive a notification when one of their lessons is shared (and gets a rose) and your comment is not shared with them. The comment is only visible when you click on the rose count for that lesson. The other piece of the puzzle is that every time a user’s lesson gets a rose, that user also gets a rose added to their rose total but there is no wall post for this event. So, over time members who are providing good content or are good tutors will be recognized because they have a high rose total.

It can be a bit confusing and you certainly don’t need to leave a comment but you should definitely share any lessons you think other members would like! :slight_smile:

why are the roses not arrived at the profile page from Serge and Miss Take and many other providers???
I send them a rose for all good lessons! And I find there lessons all good!!

yeah there were really tons of roses! are there all lost?


I always send roses for lessons that I like. I sometimes send a comment, bur rarely.

I think it is all up to us. There is no right way or wrong way.

By the way, Jolanda, Carmen and I were just saying to each to each other that it was this time of year that we were your guests in St. Gallen, and you are a wonderful hostess. We still remember our stay, and visit through the town with you very vividly.