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@roosters93 Hi mate, Is it feasible for you to incorporate already lingqd words in the reading mode when the paragraphs scroll down in the reading mode? I’d appreciate the inclusion of pre-existing linked words along with their meanings, and the ability to recognize new words and create lingqs accordingly. Just a suggestion to improve the tool a bit further. thanks a lot


Hey mate, thanks for the suggestion

Do you mean this mode?

or Video Tools scrolling mode?

In the LingQ mode you can use the scrolling native display

Am happy to incorporate the LingQed mode into the scrolling text (like video tools/mouseover etc) if you think that’s valuable.




Hi mate,

Thanks for taking the time. I’m referring to screenshot number 1. I believe it would be beneficial if you could integrate its features into the video tool’s scrolling mode too.

Moreover, it would be fantastic if you could devise a method to highlight the words or sentences on the screen, which appear when clicking the “Toggle Ling Display button,” in a way that integrates with the reading of each word or sentence.

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Hi mate @roosterburton

Thanks again for looking into this. Any idea about the day on which this feature going to be introduced or has it already been done?

Thanks a lot

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I haven’t forgotten about you. Don’t worry!

I have spent some time looking at the code and thinking about this update. It shares almost no code base with the video tools so its not as simple as, something like… supporting a new website.

Knowing me, this feature could be out in 1 month or 12 hours. I’ll keep you posted.

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Many thanks and keep up the hard work mate. Thanks a lot and may God bless!

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