Reviewing Vocabulary in iOS App

In the the initial view which brings up the vocabulary as a list, is it possible for that list view to include the “Phrase" (in addition to the existing “Term" and “Translation”)?

The list view when using the website does include the “Phrase” and I would certainly find it very useful if the App had a similar approach to displaying the list view.

Thank You!

Could be tough to add phrase too, there is lack of space on the app version and it is much easier to do that on the web.
But I’ll check with our developers what they think about it. Thanks for your suggestion.

The web version of the vocabulary in list format still fits very neatly on the screen of an iphone6, so I don’t think a lack of space should be an issue…

Thanks for putting it forward to the developers.

A related request would be whether they would also consider including the phrase on the daily email’s vocabulary list.