Reviewing large amounts of new vocabulary

I’m sure a lot of people have already thought of this, but here’s a little tip to make it easier to review large amounts of vocabulary for longer content items.

I’ve just finished working through a 15 minute political Swedish interview and found myself with around 120 yellow-highlighted words. Seeing as this would take forever and a day to review, I decided to split them up in manageable chunks and then review them periodically throughout the day.

An easy (and probably to many people obvious) way to do this is to go to the Vocabulary section and arrange your words by creation date. Vocab is listed at 25 per page, and I find this to be a manageable size to deal with. Some may prefer 50. Thus, I have roughly 7 pages of new vocab and reviewing them 25 at the time is less taxing on my brain. So I can spend around 10 minutes at various intervals of the day going through the entire article and reviewing all the new words. This makes it MUCH easier than reviewing them from scratch with the daily e-mail, since I find I have about 100 items for review in today’s list, and most of them are from this article.

As I said, many probably review this way anyway, but I thought I’d throw out a little method for those who get put off having to review so many new words, especially those who “power-LingQ” and save tons of new words per day, like I’ve recently been doing.

A great piece of advice Chris, thanks for this.

I know we’ll all find our own rhythm of coping with vocabulary eventually but It’s always nice to be reminded of little tricks. I’m going to try this with some of my level 2 or 3 LingQs.