Reviewing flash cards

Every time I review my flashcards, there are some which I know by heart. If I mark them as known, a window pops up, which asks if I want to review them or not and when. If I say never review they still remain in my all Lingqs section, and if I remove them there manually my statistics does not go up. Though I really don’t want to review words I already know, but they do not seem to disappear. What am I doing wrong?

And I just noticed, that not all vocabulary that’s marked as new is reviewed when I go to the flash cards in my vocabulary section.

When moving words to Status 4, they will still be sent at you in the Daily LingQs emails based on the SRS schedule (15 days, 30 days, 60 days then never). These words won’t be removed from your list of LingQs, as that would then prevent you from studying them again or adjusting the status in the future. However, if you select “never” from the popup, these words will no longer appear in your Daily LingQs list for review.

@Safran - Just to be clear, all LingQs you create stay in the All LingQs area on the Vocab page but if you click on the Due for Review (SRS) button you will see the LingQs you should review based on the review schedule. Once you select “never” for a LingQ, it will no longer be added to the Due for Review list.

I mentioned this in our chat, but just so it’s written down somewhere:

Similar problem - If you accidentally create a LingQ and want to undo that, changing it to a “4” causes it to still come up in your daily review. I think needing to navigate to the vocab page to tell it to never review as well is an unnecessary extra step for a misclick. Of course, you can instead delete that LingQ from the lesson page by clicking the “x”, but if I’m not mistaken, that causes it to be deleted from your statistics and not counted as a “known word”, correct? I think there should be a simple way to switch from a “LingQ” to a “known” word within the lesson page. Maybe a “4” should be equivalent to a known word, or maybe clicking the “x” should change it to “known” instead of “ignore”. If this is already the case, then the pop-up warning is a bit misleading.

Another problem I’m running into recently when reviewing vocabulary using the web interface is that pushing the “Esc” key doesn’t fail the card as intended, it exits out of the vocabulary review. This is on Google Chrome.

@jamesduffy - If you accidentally create a LingQ and want to make it known instead, you can do so right on the lesson page. Just change the word to status 4 and then click on the 4 again just as you do on the Vocab page and select to see it “never”. You can do this anywhere you see the 1-click status widget.

We are aware of the problem with the esc shortcut for flashcards and it has been fixed and will be pushed in our next update tomorrow.

Got it! Didn’t realize clicking “4” again would bring up an additional dialogue. That works perfectly.

thx me too