Review section

I just red a content about review section and how it is good using it.
Maybe I have used it, don’t know, I am not sure.

I think that review sections is vocabulary: cards, flashcards, dictation and multiple choice phrases and individual words.
Am I right?


@Maja_Nestorovic - It looks like you’re making great progress on the site!

I’m not sure which content you’re referring to, but you can review your words on the Vocabulary page as well as in lessons themselves. To review words while studying a lesson, click on the LingQs tab at the top of the dashboard, then select one of the vocabulary tests:

Thank you.
I red that on content Setev’s Tips-New Year Resolution.

Yes, I already done all of that you have written, so I am very satisfied.

p.s. the past tense of ‘read’ is also spelled ‘read’ even though it is pronounced ‘red’. It is crazy, but that is English spelling. :smiley:

Thank you again, I will correct myself. :wink: