Review page is confusing

Hi, I expect the “Due for Review(SRS)” page to only show items that are due for review, but after clicking the “Review” button and going through the review process 3 times, there are still items on the Due for Review page and every time I go through the Review flow I get different questions so I don’t know what’s the actual status of the terms I’ve reviewed (Does Lingq save all 3 reviews I did? does it only save the last one? The first one?)

  1. Consider hiding reviewed items once they’re reviewed.
  2. Consider making it clear in the UI what happens when you re-review a term (assuming that that’s what happened to me).

Are you saying that you only had 2 terms listed on the Due for Review list, but when you selected them and started the Review, more words were included?

Almost that, I didn’t select anything, I just clicked on the Review button. I didn’t think I had to select items to review because the Review button is not greyed out when you haven’t selected anything and I assumed that LingQ knew better than me what should I review.

My assumption when I open the Due for Review page is that all the terms shown are due for review and that after I review them, they disappear from the list because they have been reviewed, but LingQ isn’t doing that, terms remain there, this is the UI behavior that is confusing me.