Returning after a break with surprising results

After a break from my Lingqing, I returned to re-begin my studies. However, I noticed something that may interest others.

At the beginning of my break, I was unsure whether to continue. My lessons felt relatively empty. It had felt like I had accomplished nothing. So, I had begun my first week contemplating whether the cancel my Lingq subscription or not. Then I realized how much I had improved.

I read in a blog during that week that language learning is best taken in “doses” where you learn in spurts. You gain rules and vocabulary one week and rest the next. I thought it was pointless, but I decided to read an article in French. I was baffled - I was able to read the article without too many mistakes, making a list of words I was unsure of or I didn’t know. It was the same article I read before I left Lingq.

I had gotten more words correct two weeks after the day I left than I did the day before I left. I couldn’t believe it.

So, I have decided to do this again. Focus on Lingq for one week and lay off the second, making sure I think about the language and read on my own for the second week.

I will keep everyone updated on my results. In the meantime, I’d like to present a question: has anyone experienced this?