Resources: only video from youtube?

Does it have to be a youtube video otherwise it doesn’t work?

I just came across a lesson with a video from TED:
You can’t see the video in the tab.

Lesson is: Matt Ridley – When ideas have sex (2010)

Well it seems the video is also in youtube and I entered the youtube source and it works. So only youtube videos work?

@berta - Yes, only youtube videos work at the moment. Are those TED videos not available on Youtube?

yes mark, I looked for the youtube version and now you can play the video within the lesson. (I edited the lesson, it isn’t one I uploaded myself)

Great! Thanks, Berta!

Is video support still only for youtube videos?

I have hundreds of news broadcasts I want to watch (along with their transcripts), but they are not on youtube.

Are there any plans to allow upload of short videos? I know there may be a worry of them overloading your server storage, so maybe there could be strict size limits.

@AnthonyLauder - Thanks for the suggestion. For now we don’t have any plans to do this, so I might just recommend keeping the videos open in another window and playing them while you scroll through the text.

@Anthony Lauder - We are unlikely to enable uploading of video files but are you saying these videos are not available anywhere on the web? Perhaps enabling other video sources like Vimeo is something we could look into.

Unfortunately, the videos are not hosted on a video streaming site. They are from a Czech news channel, which only offers them for download.

Do you have the rights to upload those videos to Youtube?

I do not think I have the rights to upload them, since they are from a subscription news site, and unavailable to the general public.
I suppose I could upload them as private videos in youtube, but probably will not, since I have hundreds of them, and it would take an immense amount of time.

If you don’t have the rights to upload those files to YouTube, then you probably don’t have the right to upload and share those videos on LingQ unfortunately. Of course you can upload them to YouTube or LingQ privately but I don’t see why you would do that when you can just watch them on your own computer. You can always recommend others to go get these videos at the website where you found them. You can post notifications about this on the forum or on your wall.

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