Resources for Chinese: blogs with audio/text

Anyone serious about studying Chinese should at one point get himself a Wechat account. A few days ago they introduced a great new test function ‘看一看’ (Top stories) where you can browse through an endless stream of articles of various wechat channels that you can later follow (just as always). The great thing is, if in the miniature you can see a small audio icon, it means the article comes with a recording. While not always the case, many of these will be recordings of the texts themselves (others just accompanying songs or sometimes only recordings of speech).
Another piece of great news is that they finally revamped their in-app audio player to be able to pause or rewind the audio as you wish using a slider. It is also possible to download the audio, even though that’s a bit more complicated (it requires that you open the article in a desktop browser such as chrome and then using its ‘console’, find the link for the mp3 file). Still doable if someone really wishes to import not only text but also the audio to Lingq.

Personally, I am really happy about this, some blogs are very well written and interesting (anything from psychology to dating, business, science and technology…)

To enable the feature: first you probably need to change your language to Chinese. Then go to settings 设置and at the bottom find 实验室 (wechat labs). Inside, enable it (there is also another one - ‘search’ (搜一搜). Then it will appear under the ‘discover’ 发现 menu.


This is great news. Fed up of that audio player.

Just updated for the iPhone but no new audio player.

Where is the kanyikan function?

yea I’m not seeing the kanyikan either. Could you give us some kanyikan on how to find it?

I see. I just checked, and maybe it’s because your language is set to English? Just change it to Chinese and then enable the 看一看 and 搜一搜 functions in settings under 实验室. Then they will appear in the ‘discover’ menu (发现). This was the same with wechat wallet at the beginning and most new features actually. They always start with the Chinese version.
But now that I changed the language to English I can see ‘wechat labs’ in my settings too. So maybe it would still appear there without the need to change to Chinese first. Let me know

Damn, just switched to Chinese and updated my wechat, still can’t find the 看一看 function

got 掃一掃 and 搖一搖 in the 發現 screen. Tried setting it to 簡體中文 didn’t help either.

Found it ! You have to turn it on unde 實驗室 !

I just updated the answer, try if you see 实验室 under 设置


Got it. Thanks. Anyone got any ideas of how to get audio from an iPhone into lingq now?