Reset Known Words

Hi Mark,

This question may have been asked before but I couldn’t find it by searching so here it is: Is there a way we can reset the known words back to zero?


Hi John,

No, there isn’t a way to do this. Why would you want to?

I was also wondering about this. The reason why, for example last year I started learning Dutch, and I thought I would never learn Chinese, so I used the Chinese section for importing Dutch material. However, later I changed my mind about Chinese, so I had no choice but to delete my account and create a new one, just to have accurate statistics. Admittedly, I have no-one to blame for this but myself!

I think it’s possible to decrease the value, and that’s by “batch degrading” all your saved words at least one level. You can also save/add/import a lot of super common words which the system may consider as “known” (my level of known words have decreased after importing a pre-made wordlist).

However, none of this does automatically make the field blank.