Reset iLingQ

My internet was off for a few days and so iLingQ was set to offline mode. Now it is back on, I want to connect iLingQ to the internet but it says I have to restart the app. I have the new iPod touch with multitasking and so whenever I try to put it back into online mode, it comes straight back to where I was and in offline mode. How do I reset it?

Also, is it possible to use reverse flashcards on it. Could I have it so that I have the English on the front and target language on the back?


Hi James,

What I gather is that you haven’t actually closed iLingQ, but simply pressed the Home button to “exit” out of it. With multitasking on iOS, in order to actually close an app you have to double-tap the Home button to bring up the list of active apps then close them from there. Try closing iLingQ this way and see if you encounter the same problem.

Regarding flashcards, there is currently no option to reverse the flashcard order on iLingQ, but we will see if we can add this in the next major upgrade of the app. :slight_smile:

Excellent! Thanks Alex. I didn’t realise that you had to close apps like that. It will probably help my battery as well!

Actually, James, you can control what you see on the front and the back of the flashcard on the Settings screen. If you choose to see the Hint on the front of the card and the term on the back, you can see them this way. The fields shown are fully customizable.

If I do that, will my statistics still go up ?

Absolutely, all that works exactly the same way.

Hi, i am having the same issue as James123, although when i double click on the home key and log out it still doesn’t update. I removed Lingq from my ipod and reloaded the app and it did update, but obviously not a realistic option. Any suggestions? thanks, Paul.

Paul, what generation iPod Touch are you using? Are you closing the app from within the Multitasking menu?
This can also happen when the wifi signal is too weak so the app reverts to offline if it can’t establish a steady connection.

I have an iPod touch (last gen.) and I have to login nearly every time I want to use iLingQ. This is not acceptable. Even If I lose Wifi, shut down the app completely or switch off the device completely, the app should be able to remember the last login data and login automatically. Every browser can do this via cookies. What’s more, it worked that way until December 2010! Please change this back, because these frequent and tedious logins put me off using the app regularly.

Hi, I am using an ipod touch 4th generation.

Wifi/internet is super fast (close to 40MB) so definitely not an issue. And I’m 100% online (I can use facebook, bbc etc fine on the ipod).

I downloaded the app recently and, despite removing it and putting it back on, it still doesn’t work properly. First time using the app after download works fine. Then I lose wifi signal (i.e. I go to work) and when I log back in a) it doesn’t update and b) the playback facility doesn’t appear.

The error message i get when attempting to open an unopened lesson is “The first time a lesson is opened, app must be online”. But i am 100% online!!! When i click on “daily lingq” it has a similar “Open app online to download daily lingqs”. It appear to think i am not online.

I close the app using “logout” button. And if i double click the home button and log out that way I have the same issue.

Not sure if you can help at all but would appreciate if you can.

Paul, open up the multitasking bar by double clicking the home button. A small bar should appear at the bottom with a line of recently opened apps on it. Hold done on one of the apps in the tray. They should start wiggling and have a small white line in a red circle appear in the top left hand corner. Close iLingQ from there by pressing the red circle.

With regards to having to log in- I’m fine with it. I have the latest gen. When I am offline, I switch to airplane mode (if I have to login). I can then login, even when offline. Could it be hape, that you haven’t updated to the latest ios?

That’s worked!!! Hurrah! I can get back to my Spanish

Thank you so much James…

That’s okay! Whenever you need to close an app fully on the latest apple devices, do that. If you just click home, it will leave it running in the background. If you close them fully, you could also save on battery.

@hape - I agree with you that the app should work as you describe. However, after testing the app this morning I find that is exactly what it does. If I close the app (or power down my device then start it up again) and launch it again I am put in offline mode where I can access all of my lessons as normal. I will say that I have Wifi turned off when I go out, as otherwise it wastes the battery as it keep searching for a wifi signal while on the bus/train.

Is your issue related to keeping Wifi turned on? Try what James recommends with airplane mode and see if that helps, as it seems that it’s due to the environment in which you use the app, not the app itself.

Today, after installing the new version of iOS, the above described login “problem” still existed.
I decided to delete the iLingQ app on my iPod.
Then I reinstalled it via iTunes.
Now everything works like it should.
When I shut down the app completely or switch off the device completely, the login is still done automatically.
Something was wrong with the internal data storage of the iLingQ aoo on my device.
So everything is fine now!! Great!

N.B.: Everybody who has problems with iLingQ should first reinstall, maybe that fixes the problem.

Great to hear that it’s now working correctly :slight_smile:

At times I have a problem where my apps crash. Because of this, I normally open and then reset by holding down the home and power button. I don’t know how it works but it does. If you have this problem again, try doing that.