Requesting a refund and a downgrading

Hey, so i bought a subscription 20 days ago and since then i havent used lingq for like 1 hour straight, because of my time also i didn’t queit understand the interface, also i faced a lot of issues when importing songs and etc…
But i found out that the method is quiet good for learning languages, the problem is i actually need to immerse my self more in textbooks because i have a different goal which is to pass an Exam and got quiet little bit of time…
I don’t think this method is for me for now, But definitely later on because i loved it!!
I cannot downgrade myself nor cancel it, so i am asking could you refund me and downgrade my account for now?

Sorry to hear that.
No problem, I took care of it for you.

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Thank you so much!! <3 will be upgrading in the next couple of months for sure… Thanks again!!