Request: Sentence by Sentence Automatic Translation

Is this possible to have a feature where when we use the sentence by sentence mode there is an automatic translation by Google or DeepL below?

So that we can decide if we want to active this automatic translation by default?

This would avoid 1 click/keyboardshortcut each time and would save time and focus.


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I asked the staff the same before. It is also good to hide the original text and to see only the Translate Mode. So we can exercise more to use words that we already know, too. And if it will be a text box for writing it can be perfect. We can hear the Original text and write in the box. So we can exercise writing, too. After that, we can check with the original text. The Translate text to be in a different color or highlighted.

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LingQ has to pay Google (or DeepL) for each use of their translation API (cost per x characters type pricing) so I can’t imagine they’d ever set it to be automatic. The cost would be prohibitive.

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That would make sense. I suppose there are also costs per volume but I have no idea about any sort of agreement in such circumstances.