Request: save settings option for tooltips for tutorials

The option I am talking about is the tooltips for tutorials that determine if you get tips every now and then while following lessons.

I have to set the tooltips option to off, every day anew. Is it possible to make sure this option is saved across sessions?

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If you disable the “Show Tips” under the settings, they shouldn’t appear again. Just make sure not to clear your browser cookies, since that will reset your settings.

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Right!! Sometimes things are really simple right? I had firefox exempt lingq from throwing away all cookies. I hope that works: will get back to you!

The setting is saved in cookies? That’s not very useful when you work on different computers and sometimes on shared computers. Can this not be set in the user settings?


It’s how it is at the moment, we will see if we can improve it.

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I promised to get back to you. I switched specifically for lingq to chrome. The problem is indeed resolved if you keep cookies (which I hate to do). I support the request of @Rabenwald to start using account settings so I don’t have to guard settings across browsers and devices.

Thanks, that would be good. It’s not a huge issue, just annoying that I get a couple of the same popups every time I start LingQ.