Request of upgrading from free account

Hi, I just introduced my mother to lingq, she wants to learn Spanish.
She wasn’t sure if she wanted to use lingq though, so we made a free account to let her try it out.

We can’t get past five lingqs but the system want her to upgrade to basic. On the upgrade side it says 100 lingqs are the limit for free accounts.

and why are the system constantly wanting the user to upgrade. This reminds me of what you said about pimsleur, If I want to speak I speak when I’m ready. If I want to upgrade I upgrade when I’m ready.

What is wrong with the free account, this is totally scaring away new users and that’s a pity because Lingq is a good place for language learning.

/ Wiesel

It seems you clicked on the “Google Translate” button. It’s a Premium feature now. Just click on “Search Dictionary” or translations from other LingQ users. The same applies to the “delete LingQ” feature. You can only delete LingQs during editing!

Merry Christmas!

The pop ups inviting the user to upgrade occur when the user tries to do use a feature only available to paying users. Probably, in your mother’s case, it was the google translate integration, as Hape said. Google now charges us per translation for integrating with LingQ so we in turn limit this to paying members.

Upgrading to Basic is not going to get you speaking or writing. You will need to buy more points for that. Upgrading has the benefits that are described on the pop up which you so dislike. The biggest advantages, identified on our recent survey of our users, were unlimited LingQs, and unlimited imports, and now, probably the google translate integration. But there are many more which should interest the serious learner.

We need paying users to cover our costs. In fact we need more paying users than we have. Whether reminding free users of the advantages of upgrading scares away more people than it converts remains to be seen. We obviously believe that it will help us. Some free users may be annoyed and quit, but we think that many more, when reminded of the benefits, and when they are in the mood to make a commitment to paying membership, will do so.

And of course most of the free users who have no intention of ever paying will just keep taking advantage of the free features of LingQ which other people are paying for.


I can buy your arguments about unlimited lingqs are too good to be for free.
It was news to me that the google translation was only for paying members that’s why I assumed the creation of a new lingq to be the limitation. I must say that it was not clear to me from the popup why we would need to upgrade. Perhaps this could be more clear, I think this was why it was so annoying.

Thanks for sorting this out.
Merry Christmas