Request for a new option: Opening lesson notes in a separate window

What I really miss is the option to open the translation or lesson notes in a new window. The problem is that if I want to create a LingQ, the translation or lesson notes are closed. It would be useful to have them in a separate window. Then I could put the window on the side and could look at it all the time. Now I have to switch all the time between LingQing and lesson notes. That way I loose the paragraph I was working on.

Hi Veral,

I think you can already do this by right-clicking ‘translation’ in the lesson menu, and then choose ‘open in new window’!

Meow… :))

This is not exactly what I have in mind. I’m looking for a window with the notes only, not the whole page - like the window with the dictionary for example.

Can’t you copy the content of the notes or translation into a new document like Notepad, etc.?

Thanks for the feedback on this, Vera!

We’re looking at making some updates to the way this is handled to make it clearer to the learner when resources are available. I will pass this feedback along and we’ll see what we can do here!

Thank you, Alex.

And Alex, before I could make an English translation to some of my lessons for beginners and place it into a special box. I could do even severel translations into different languages.
Now I can’t see any box to place such a translation.

Hi Eugene! The Import Lesson page changed a bit. Now you can add translations by going to the Edit Lesson page and clicking on the “Resources” tab at the top. From there, you can select translations and enter your translation.

Vera, we spent some time looking into this yesterday, and unfortunately we don’t have a good solution to display both the yellow popup and the translation/notes resource. Doing this would add quite a bit more complexity to the lesson page, and we’re working hard to reduce complexity so as to improve performance and simplify the page a bit more (as it’s still quite complicated, especially for newer users).

In this case, if you would like to view the text, notes and LingQ pane at the same time, I might then recommend opening this in a new window, as per Katze_Katze’s suggestion.

Thank you for looking into this. I guess I prefer to suggestion from Ress and I’ll copy it into a text editor.

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Sounds good. Sorry we can’t be of more help here, though it’s good you do have a workaround!