"Request conversation"!

@YutakaM - That was a confirmation for a conversation you signed up?

Yes, if the tutor has Spanish as her interface language, these things will happen!

Ah, yes…that bug. Let’s see if we can get it sorted out once and for all.

Yutaka can you tell me which tutor it was that this email was sent for?

I guess it was me!

I happens with the usual email too. I reported this problem some time ago. I got an email that someone has signed up in Russian and in Japanese once. I couldn’t read these emails, but I saw the conversations on the speaking page.

As well as requesting conversation, I see it’s possible to submit a writing from somebody’s home page. But for English everybody has an American flag!
Is there any way to have a more accurate flag? Or none at all?

I think that the flag should represent the country where the language originated, not necessarily the country with the largest population speaking that language. Thus the Spanish, Portuguese, Saudi etc. flag. Let me see what happened here.

Just checking if I understood…‘the flag should represent where the language originated from’ …so the American flag will be changed to British??? ( I’m not quietly smiling to myself, really)

Yes, we are not talking about each member’s flag,but rather the flag of the language. I guess we could go for the St.George’s cross, but that might be confusing, so we are trying to get back the Union Jack.

I don’t know what happened to cause the American flag to show up, but it might have been some covert intelligence activities by the usual CIA/FBI suspects. We have tightened our security measures.

Did Blindside70 come anywhere near the system?