[REQUEST] Browser: 'View Course' button for external links

On the browser, when you encounter an external lesson, for instance a YouTube video, there is no ‘View Course’ button. The ‘Import +’ button redirects you to the website, and the ‘More from this source’ redirects you to the search function. I would like to see all external lessons in the course, so I can (1) decide if I like the topic, and (2) easily get the links for all the other lessons/videos, so I can import them easily.

Furthermore, in this current view, I cannot see how many New Words, lingQs, level, audio length, and so on, this video has. If I go to ‘Courses’ and find a course with all external lessons, I can open the course and see these individual statistics for both the course and for each lesson. This data is already available, it just isn’t displayed in the current layout in the library view.

There is no way for me to even find which course this lesson belongs to and see the other lessons. Even if I labourously copy the title of this video and paste it in the search window, I am returned with a result, where there is also no button ‘View Course’. (Also note here it correctly displays the number of New Words, lingQs, and so on.)

To summarise:
(1) add ‘View Course’ to external lessons within the library view
(2) add number of New Words, lingQs, level, audio length, and so on to external lessons within the library view
(3) add ‘View Course’ to external lessons within the search view

These are minor things, but really help with navigation and using the interface. LingQ already does these things for ‘shared’ lessons. It’s just doing the same thing for external lessons.

Thanks very much for your hard work.

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I noticed this as well, but if I may add some info: this phenomenon seems to affect regular (shared) lessons as well. I suspect this is related to the addition of a URL in the editor.
Here is an example from the guided course in Chinese (simplified) Advanced 2: The course Login - LingQ (Fortress Besieged) contains regularly shared lessons, although it links to YouTube. Similarly this course: Login - LingQ (Call to Arms) links to LibriVox.org but doesn’t contain any external lessons.

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