Reports are learning material – An appeal to all tutors

I want to suggest that all tutors be careful with the reports especially the speaking reports. To make sure that there are no simple spelling errors left in the report use a spellchecker or import the text into Word (or an equivalent program) and let it prove by Word’s spellchecker (That is what I do). Complete sentences with points at the end. Start sentences with capital letters. The automatically filled “hint” works better in this case. These are small changes for tutors but they help students a lot. I hope that tutors are more aware of these kinds of things.

This is a good suggestion since the captured phrase will not be useful of we do not get full sentences. However, I am grateful of all the discussions and reports that I receive and it is not always possible to make full sentences where the word or phrase to be LingQed appears in the middle. So to some extent the phrases from the discussion reports will not be ideal. It is a good idea to search for more Examples and upgrade the phrase. Yes, using a spell checker is a good idea.

I type right into the report and usually get a red line under misspelled words.