Reporting copyright material

There’s probably a fair bit of copyright material that gets made public. Just the other day SanneT brought up some BBC content, and I notice that this Alice in Wonderland collection in Japanese:
Is from this site:

Where it states:
‘Please appreciate that I do not surrender any rights. Please refrain from republishing, distributing, processing or splitting [the recording]’

II noticed this because I imported it myself a while ago, and didn’t make it public due to it being copyrighted. So I find it rather irritating to see that it’s there now.

What do you normally do about copyrighted material? Should it be reported like this, or what? It would possibly make sense to have a button by a lesson to say ‘report as copyrighted’ or something.

Thank you for thinking that I spotted the BBC article, actually it was Vera. The idea with the button makes sense. Until we have something like that, reporting any copyright issues here seems to be the only alternative to alerting support via email.

Thank you for pointing this out. I have changed the status of the series to private.

Yes please continue to report this on the forum. I don’t know if we need yet another button for this. We do ask people to make sure they have permission when the share content. I think reporting it on the forum is fine.

The person who shared this has apologized saying that he/she thought it was already our of copyright. It is important to realize that even when an original text is out of copyright, the translation and recording may not be.