Repetition and incantation

To repeat a lot of time a musical motiv creates a feeling of enchantment. So we can find the repetition for a lot of songs like religious rites, nursey rhime, in our or distant culture… Infact many great artists use to repeat the same motiv to meet their deep needs because everythink in our life has been marked , by regular cycles like minutes, hours, days, montths, seasons, years…Sometimes this rigid organization of the time makes us feels prisoners. This is demonstred when we are on holiday and we refuse to look at the clock;we don’t want feel prisoners of the running time.The contemporary artists now rebel against these chains of time and use the means at their disposal to change the rules: irregular rhitmic, atonal melodies, new instrumental use. Nomore sequence, no more sense of time, no more usual reference. It is the same for some abstract painting that make us lose the sense of the space

It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing